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God Particle IT engineers are chosen for their years of expertise in planning and completing projects at various scale. We provide exceptional value in this area by reducing overall project time through all phases and through very comptetitive engineering rates


Plan and build a network for your office building, hospital, or large scale manufacturing facility

  • Routing, switching, firewall, and load balancing
  • Wireless networking
  • VPN solutions to support remote work or inter-site connectivity
  • VoIP - PBX and SIP circuit solutions
  • Specialize in redundancy and fault-tolerant design
  • Automate configuration and deploy dynamic protocols
  • Setup network monitoring and alerts

Don’t over spend. We will right-size networks to meet capability and growth where applicable


Understand where your applications need to live and how they should perform. How are components connected and data exchanged?

  • Windows and Linux server deployment
    • Enterprise design with considerations for high availability and automation
    • Right size hardware for business needs and application performance
  • Active Directory
    • Design for best practice in regards to security and organizational heirarchy
    • Federate domains between organizations
    • Domain migration and clean-up
    • Enable advanced features
  • Storage and database administration
    • Spec and deploy SAN and NAS solutions
    • Deploy features to ensure availability, accuracy, and performance
    • Design redundancy and backup solutions
  • Modernization
    • Upgrade and refresh PC, server, and storage array systems.
    • Application and platform upgrades.

We design for best practice and ease of administration while maintaining security hardened features

AWS Cloud Solutions:

Please see our AWS Cloud Solutions page for more details!

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