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Cloud Engineering

With multiple decades of combined experience both working on-prem and in cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP and Azure, God Particle IT is the ideal resource for helping you create the most cost effective solution while enabling the highest growth potential for your business

Cloud certified engineers with years of experience in advanced deployments help determine best methods to deploy, scale, and secure a cloud infrastructure

  • Realize the benefits of going cloud
    • Advising on cost savings methodologies
    • Present a multi-tiered security approach
    • Public and private-side connectivity
    • Automation strategies
  • Automation
    • Devise templates for automated deployment and recovery
    • Provide scaling policies to grow and shrink on demand
    • Create functions to alert and remediate based on events and resource thresholds
  • Highly available design
    • Geolocate over multi-region for performance and redundancy
    • Distribute workloads
    • Modularization and containerization

Cloud infrastructure differs significantly from traditional data center and on-prem networks. We can help you understand these differences

Move to the Cloud


Help understanding what it means to be in the cloud

  • Identify what services best fit your business model
  • Understand the cloud pricing model
  • Assess existing Architecture for Cloud-Readiness


Develop a path for your business

  • Identify suitable applications and data to migrate
  • Define order-of-operations
  • Build a path-plan for a successful migration
  • Work with in-house resources to ensure a smooth transition


Get your cloud experience live

  • Create cloud networks
    • Deploy Virtual Private Cloud within your chosen provider
    • Implement robust network security standards
    • Establish connectivity between your existing site(s) and your Cloud environment
  • Deploy applications
    • Provision supporting Infrastructure - Databases, CDN, CI/CD
    • Provision scalable, robust server groups for application workloads
    • Thorough vetting of environments for go-live preparedness
  • Move traffic to the cloud
    • Create cut-over execution plan
    • Execute traffic migration according to business needs
    • Post-execution performance/stability monitoring

Save money and improve efficiency through moving to the cloud!

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