VoIP & Telepresence

Need voice and video conferencing solutions? GPIT can design and install your telepresence and phone system.

  • Conferencing platform integration through various vendors. We work with but are not limited to:
    1. Cisco
    2. Polycom
    3. 3cx
  • Expert Audio/Visual engineers will assist with setting up dynamic audio and displays for any scenario

GPIT can setup your phone system or manage it for you!

GPIT is a 3CX Reseller Partner. By leveraging this relationship, we save our customers up to 80% per year on their existing phone services!

What is 3cx?

3cx is software that allows programming and management of phones within an organization… a PBX (Private Branch Exchange).

To put it simply, a PBX allows a business to administer external and internal phone communications. 3cx provides extended features beyond simple voice calls as well.

  • Manage phone extensions
  • Voice mail
  • Digital receptionist (e.g. Press 1 for sales, press 2 to schedule an appointment)
  • Queue calls
  • Live chat
  • Video conferencing
  • Integration with CRM, Office 365

Why use 3cx?

3cx is a very comprehensive and cost-effective solution to provide organizations with enterprise grade telecommunications.

  • Up to 80% savings from current phone services
  • Fully remote working solution. Make and take calls from anywhere, not just your office
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy end-user customization
  • Feature rich
  • Choose & control your own phone numbers
  • Choose your own SIP Trunk and save
  • Choose your own cloud provider
  • Choose your own hardware
  • Choose on-premises or cloud

3cx can be hosted in the cloud or on-prem


  • Make calls from anywhere. Your business phone can travel with you. The 3cx app allows sending and receiving calls anywhere you have internet service (smart phone, laptop, home, or office)
  • No physical device to manage. Software as a service accessible through a web portal
  • Automated updates and upgrades
  • No dedicated IT personnel required to maintain server/pc
  • Simple integration to cloud-based SIP service


  • Works similarly to traditional PBX
  • Full control over PBX environment
  • Integrate with traditional SIP providers such as AT&T

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